Some success story from real people:

I’ve been going strong, I recently discovered I need to drink more water and such. I feel like I can breathe better, I don’t get tired quickly anymore, food tastes better. I usually spar with my friends to stay sharp, normally I can’t go 30 seconds with getting winded, I went for 10 minutes straight. My smoking friends had to tag in and out against me! It was spectacular! I’m so glad I switched to vaping.



I’m still on my quest to find something that has the unique taste that shisha has, very faint charcoal, and tobacco, but so far I have enjoyed chain vaping to emulate hookah smoking, and even when friends invite me to fire it up, I resort to my PV instead. I have never been much of a cigarette smoker, I started on cigars when I became legal. After that I moved on to hookah instead, being fairly cheap and the ability to smoke it indoors. My hookah has now sat unused for about two months and very proud of it! No more inhaling exorbitant amounts of smoke to get my hookah high. I find myself taking a couple drags of low nic juice to get going, but after that, I go to 0 nic VG,to produce my lovely Os and clouds, without inhaling it in! 


Well I have smoked for going on 20 yrs now and had but wanting to quit forever but wasn’t sure how. I got curious about the e- cigs and finally tried one around Christmas. I finally broke down and bought one figuring it would help me cut down from my P1/2 – 2 PAD habit. From the day I got my device about 3weeks ago that fresh pack lasted me a full week + and have now been analog free for 10 days now. I did light one up about maybe 8 days ago took one puff and threw it out the window realizing how nasty it tasted already. Even though I’m still early in my adventure, I am already grateful that I finally switched to vaping.


Its been a year since my last smoke. Just thought I’d share.


Four years ago today, I stopped smoking and switched to vaping. The date just happens to coincide with my younger son’s birthday (my bi-centennial baby).

I called it my “rebirthday,”

but my friend Julie wished me Happy Vaporversary.

And to think that in July of that year (2009) I very nearly decided to go back to smoking, thanks to the FDAannouncing that e-cigarettes contain “carcinogens” and “antifreeze.”

Thank God some honest scientists spoke up and let us know that the FDA wasn’t telling the whole truth. I guess that’s how I became an activist.

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